Speaking Topic:

Yes, Sir! Yes, Sir!

Ladies' Retreat

Oh, the joy of obedience! Jill shares how obedience is truly greater than sacrifice because obedience unlocks our hearts to receive God’s blessings.  Learn how to “run in the path of His commands, so He can set our hearts free.” When we give up not just our desires, but ourselves, we find freedom to become who God created us to be. With brutally honest personal illustrations, Jill will help you work through the three stages of abandonment in this three-part women’s event:

  • “No, Lord, not me” Bondage to self.  (Job’s wife, Lot’s wife)
  • “Well, maybe, Lord” Praise and thanksgiving. (Hannah)
  • “Yes, Sir! Yes, Sir!”  Freedom to become all He created you to be. (Mary)

“Jill is energetic and passionate. She captivates her audience as she relates her life
to God’s plan for everyday that she lives. We say, ‘two thumbs up!’”

Julie and Michelle
Retreat Participants

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