Speaking Topic:

Interior Design of the Heart

Jill's Testimony for Women

As an interior designer by trade, Jill was trained in how to make things look good. She could turn a house into a showplace with a hot glue gun and a bolt of fabric. Jill was a master at making everything look good from the outside, including things that actually weren’t good at all. When the façade she built around her began to crumble, she was forced to work on the inside. 

In this most revealing presentation, Jill reminds us that while we’re busy making our homes places of beauty; we cannot neglect to make our hearts beautiful, too. It takes a beautiful heart to make a house a beautiful home.

Jill will lead ladies to consider the transforming power of:

  • Asking the Lord to show you what you do not want to see.
  • Refusing to be swayed by cultural expectations.
  • Seeking the wisdom of scripture in preparing your home.
  • Accepting it’s what’s on the inside that really counts.

“I just cannot tell you how much everyone enjoyed your fabulous presentation.  It was truly inspiring, humorous, informative and thought provoking.  I never doubted that it would be great but your wonderful talk exceeded my expectations.”

Potpourri Club Ladies’ Spring Luncheon
Baton Rouge, LA

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