Speaking Topic:

Honey, You Need to ‘Do the 139’

For Husbands and Wives

Trying to change those around you? Think you know what’s best for your spouse and your children, and maybe a few other folks in your life? Sooner or later you will have to accept that you cannot change others, but you can allow God to change you. Take a much closer look and gain a deeper understanding of the life transforming verses found in Psalm 139. Praying this scripture faithfully everyday will keep your focus on how God can change you. Join us in learning:

  • The importance of allowing God to show us what we do not want to see.
  • Four steps of transformation.
  • How praying “The 139” daily will transform your heart and your life.

“‘Do the 139.’ That’s what Jill advised me to read and pray over and over during a difficult time in my life. So, I did. Every day, several times a day. And God totally changed my perspective. He taught me that I can exasperate the problem or I can let God use me while He heals. I can be an example of Christ-like-behavior or I can be a confusing misrepresentation of Christ-like behavior. I am only accountable for my actions, my words, my reactions, my cutting glances and that I have no business trying to force others to behave a certain way. That’s God’s job. That verse is so terrifyingly healing! DO IT!”

BJ Giles
Atlanta, GA

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