Speaking Topic:

A Personal Note to Single Parents

For Moms and Dads

Betrayed? Abandoned? Terrified? In this most personal presentation, Jill helps you learn how to allow God to reorder your priority list when your circumstances change. If you put yourself on the top of your list, that’s telling God you can take care of yourself. Jill tried many times to put herself on the top of her priority list after her husband left home. God made His truth perfectly clear—He would take care of her, if she kept her eyes on Him. Scripture tells us in Psalm 68 that “God will take care of the fatherless children and the widows, too.” A single parent is always on the top of God’s priority list. Allow Him to help you:

  • Learn the antidote for bitterness.
  • Find a safe place for feelings of anger and disappointment in you and your children.
  • Cultivate the desire to extend the love of Christ to the one who has broken your heart.

“I was so blessed by Jill’s insights into healing after divorce. I had been consumed with bitterness.”

Session Participant
Dallas TX

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