Jill’s Story

Interior Design of the Heart says it all about me. I make things look good. Sound a bit lofty? I don’t mean it to be.

When I began my career fresh out of college, I was told by the head of the design firm where I had landed a job that I needed to look successful so clients would trust my design advice. He said the most important thing I could do to jump start my career was to spend my salary on expensive clothes and, especially, good shoes. He said the investment would pay ten-fold in the long run.

Well, there was a problem with his suggestion. My husband was in school. We were footing the bills ourselves because our families couldn’t afford to help us. We were determined not to borrow ridiculous amounts of money. We chose, instead, to live within our means. My salary paid the rent, utility bills and put food on the table. Commissions were set aside for tuition and books. There was no room in the budget for fine clothes and real leather shoes. We ate baked potatoes and iceberg lettuce with homemade dressing on Thursday nights before Friday’s payday.

What did I do? I set up my $99 Kenmore sewing machine from college days and sewed at night while my husband studied. Drapery panels from Goodwill became tailored suits. Remnants from the back table at Hancock Fabrics were turned into $3 blouses and $5 dresses.

I was repurposing out of necessity long before anyone conceived of that word. 

It worked. Fooled everybody. Folks raved about my clothes. My career as an interior designer of homes was launched, but in the interior of my heart…I wasn’t fooling myself. And I soon found out, I couldn’t fool God either. Things looked good on the outside, while much was terribly wrong on the inside.

This website is about the lessons learned along the way. The lessons my mother (who grew up in a country shack with tree stumps for chairs) taught me about life. The lessons learned from abandonment and single-mothering. The lessons learned from the God-given gift of another chance at love. The lessons learned from seeking God’s purpose for my life and finding it in Manners of the Heart.

Lessons learned from living, striving, surviving and thriving.

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