Little Patriot with a Big Heart

Little Patriot with a Big Heart

When Jack discovers an old shoebox filled with photographs of military men and medals in his Grandpa's closet, he decides his Grandpa must have been a war hero. Grandpa's eyes fill with tears when he explains to Jack that his buddies who gave their lives were the real heroes, patriots they were. Jack decides he wants to be a patriot.

Little Patriot with a Big Heart is the story of Grandpa teaching Jack how to become a patriot. In the end, the little patriot becomes a big hero in his Grandpa's eyes.

Classic watercolor illustrations from the masterful hand of Kathryn Mills bring the story into the hearts of children and adults. Grandpa's eyes gleam with kindness while the lines on his face show his wisdom. Readers are introduced to Merryville, a picturesque little town between the mountains and the sea, where lessons in life and living are learned.

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