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Three Incredible Moms

April 23, 2013

I spent yesterday morning at one of our local elementary schools, celebrating three moms who completed our Parent Study. That may not sound like a big deal, but let me tell you it was/is a big deal.

These moms are raising their children in the middle of a war zone. The first day of class I asked the parents to tell about their children. The stories were heart rending… “I have four children. One shot down, one gone and two at home.” “After my two sisters died, I raised their children. Ten boys. I have one son at this school.”

Two dads passed through the class for a couple of sessions.

During the twelve weeks we’ve been together, we’ve talked a lot about the great difficulties of raising good kids. They’ve shared the obstacles they deal with on a daily basis. Mosty, the “call of the streets.” I watched as one parent after another didn’t return. When we inquired about the reasons why; we found arrests, social service issues and devastation beyond description.

And yet, we had three moms to celebrate. Three moms who overcame all the obstacles and came to class. Who did the homework. Three moms who want their children to grow up and affect this world for good rather than becoming infected by it.

I know we can’t solve all the ills in troubled neighborhoods. I know we can’t soften every hardened heart. I know we can’t quiet the call of the streets. But I do know we can do our part to offer truth that brings hope. Hope for a brighter tomorrow for the children in troubled neighborhoods.

Kiki, Melinda and Tia…I bow to you. You, and your precious children, are in my heart, for now and evermore. Until I see you again,

An afterthought for another day—One thing I’ve come to understand…The “call of the street” extends to Wall Street.

Praying for great days ahead,


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