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March 26, 2013

We are offering an in-depth parent book study at one of our local elementary schools located in a high poverty area plagued with violent crime. The study is being taught every other week for twelve weeks. At the beginning of the fourth session last week, one of the moms approached me to share something she had written.

She began by telling me that in February, she had been asked to speak to the pre-K parents in April at the pre-K graduation. She was stunned with the request and initially refused. Allow me to share, in words from her written speech, what happened in the next few weeks:

“I didn’t have a clue until they started having classes on Raising Respectful Children in a Disrespectful World. I enjoyed the classes and the teacher made a lot of good points. By the time we made it to chapters 7 and 8, I was like, I have something to talk about. Encouragement. Our kids trust and look up to their parents first and the most, so we should be a coach to our kids instead of a cheerleader. Raise them with self-respect not self-esteem. Teach them to treat others how they want to be treated. Teach them to help others. Talk to them about how important school is and show them how important it is by showing up and getting involved.”

You can imagine the tears that poured down my face as I hugged this mom who wants to share the knowledge she has gained with other moms.

One of the hopes for this parent book study is that we will equip moms and dads to lead groups of their own, volunteer at the school and help with MOH classroom instruction in the fall.

Let’s think about this…We have three moms at present who are dedicated to their children and interested in sharing helpful parenting skills with other parents. If each of them teaches five more in small groups and all of them teach five more. And if the mom who will be speaking to pre-K parents reaches 20 more… Before you know it, every parent at the school will hear the message!

Crime will go down and achievement will go up! Why? Because parents will be fully engaged with the desire to be the person they want their children to become.

From my heart to yours,


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