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Sandy Hook:  Getting to the Heart of It

December 19, 2012

Horrified. Frustrated. Disgusted. Outraged.


But, surprised?


Adam Lanza is, unfortunately, one of many brilliant monsters our society has produced and will continue to produce.

The issue of mental health is not the issue. The issue of gun control is not the issue. Underneath it all, the issue is the neglect of the heart.

With or without mental health challenges, the needs of the heart are the same. When those heart needs are neglected, the breeding of a brilliant monster begins. For it is the content of the heart that determines what a person will say or do. Whether a temper tantrum of a two-year-old or a violent rampage of a twenty-year-old, the trouble lies within the condition of the heart. 

The content of Adam Lanza’s heart was revealed last Friday—the pain of longing to belong and the desperation of needing to be seen and heard—the instant he pulled the trigger and fired the first shot.  

Nancy Lanza was most likely unaware of those unanswered questions festering in her son’s heart.
Children have soul questions at each stage of development that must be satisfied as they mature or the maturation process becomes thwarted causing great anguish and little hope of becoming an adult capable of contributing to the world.

Of all the “soul” questions children need satisfied, the two that surface during the preschool and kindergarten years are the most critical: “Who do I belong to?” and “Are you watching me?” Children need to know they are valued members of the family. They need to know they have something to contribute. They need to know someone is watching them, not ignoring them.

Neither had been answered for Adam Lanza. It should not come as a surprise that he returned to the place where the cries of his heart began calling out. Another brilliant mind used for evil rather than good. Sad for all of us.

My heart aches with grief for the parents of the precious children who found themselves in the wake of the tirade of a brilliant monster. Comfort comes in knowing that before their little bodies felt the pain of the attack, they were each carried away into the arms of their heavenly Father to a place of eternal security. 


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