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Living at the Window

July 01, 2012

Let’s start again with a different look at Sydney J. Harris’ quote, “The whole purpose of education should be to turn mirrors into windows.” Just imagine what could happen in our world if the education of the next generation was based in teaching children how to live at the window rather than in their mirrors.

When children look through a window, their own image is reflected back to them in the glass, but it’s in the appropriate context, as part of the world, not the center of the world. Children see through themselves, beyond themselves. Not only can they see the needs of others, they can also find their purpose. They can find their place in the world. Life becomes about serving others rather than serving themselves.

If parents would be willing to remove the mirrors, children would learn to focus on others, how others feel and what others need, rather than what they want, but don’t need. 

Teachers willing to remove their students’ mirrors and not allow them to use difficult circumstances as excuses for failure, would open their students’ eyes to the world of possibilities waiting for them to explore.

So what if we all agreed to put the mirrors down? (Ladies, we’re even guilty of using the store windows as mirrors at times, aren’t we?) What if we looked beyond ourselves? What if we started living at the window? Maybe we would finally find the answers we’ve been hopelessly searching for in our mirrors and we would be able to lead our children, too. It has been said that maturity is that time when the mirrors in our mind turn to windows and instead of seeing the reflection of ourselves we see others.

And what if we don’t? Then our children’s mirrors will continue to be shattered in ways that only bring devastation, destroying their hope for a bright future.

I hope you’ll keep coming back, so we can find the answers together.

Respectfully yours,


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