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Enough is Enough

March 29, 2013

(Photo Credit: Alex Campos)

Many in the media are confounded that the ratings for The Bible series on the History channel trumped the major networks. I’m not surprised, really, I’m not. That’s because I know that most Americans still want America to be good. Many of us have turned off the tube during primetime because we don’t want to see/hear profanity, sexual escapades outside of marriage, and degrading disrespectful remarks about every subject we hold sacred.

There was a time in the history of our country when Hollywood portrayed the best in us. Movies and television shined their light on the admirable qualities of man—integrity, decency, perseverance, and commitment to excellence. Today, they choose to shine their light into the dark side of man, exposing and espousing our narcissistic, indecent obsessions. Glorifying the vilest of our human nature rather than encouraging us to strive for something better than ourselves. They show us the worst of who we  are rather than the best of who we can become.

Many in Hollywood have turned their backs on America and many Americans have turned their backs on America, but I believe the majority of Americans have not. We want America to be the America as she was created to be…a good country of good citizens being good for each other and the world.

For years, Hollywood and television producers have used the excuse that they are giving us what we want. Well, The Bible series proves the inaccuracy of that claim. We’re tired of being subjected to what they want us to see. And we’re tired of having to protect our children from what they want them to see. We don’t want to be entertained, we want to be inspired, and we want our children to be inspired.

On this day, of all days, we can most honor the One who took the worst of our traits upon Himself, by saying “enough is enough” to those who dishonor His name by glorifying the very sins for which He died.

From my heart to yours this Good Friday,


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